Dan Newlin is an injury attorney, and he is based out of Florida. There are a few things people may be interested in learning about him, such as notable cases he has taken on and won, as well as other information. Continue to read on to learn more about Dan Newlin.

A Little About Dan Newlin
Newlin has always been about helping people and this reflects in his previous career choices. When Newlin was just 18, he started to work as an EMT in New Chicago and eventually he became a police officer in New Chicago. He later went on to become assigned to the Patrol Division, Fugitive Division and Tourist Policing Division at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. He excelled at his work and he has a number of awards and honors to prove it.

Eventually he decided to become an attorney, and he is licensed in both Illinois and Florida.

Notable Cases
One of the most notable cases Newlin has worked on involved a client who was left with severe injuries. As a result of Newlin’s work, a settlement was reached. The settlement amount was $950,000, and it took around a year for the attorney to achieve that settlement amount. In this particular case, Newlin’s client was struck after a vehicle ran a red light. Newlin fought the insurance company and eventually they agreed to the settlement.

Another case involved winning $24 million in a wrongful death case, $1.5 million in a bicycle accident case and $1.25 million was won for a boating accident victim. In the boating accident case, the insurance company offered the victim $300,000, but Newlin and his associates fought and won their client $1.25 million.

Areas Of Practice
Newlin and his associates handle many different types injury cases. Some of the areas include slip and falls, car accidents, truck accidents, birth injuries, medical malpractice, DUI accidents and airbag malfunctions to name just a few. If a person has been injured in Florida, and they believe they were not at fault, then they should contact Dan Newlin and his associates.

Dan Newlin has a very strong work ethic and he cares about what he does. He is passionate about helping people and when he works with clients, he shows them compassion and works hard for them. This is why anyone who has been involved in an accident and has been left injured, should contact Newlin as soon as possible.

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If you are planning to visit London, then you might be wondering where should you stay, and the good news is there there are many places to visit and stay at while in London. Read the rest of this article to find out where you can stay in London, as well as other useful information.

Apartments In SoHo
It doesn’t matter what part of London you want to stay in, there is a good chance you can find an apartment you can rent. You might want to consider staying at an apartment in SoHo, as this is one of the most famous neighborhoods in the entire world. SoHo is LGBT friendly, but it welcomes everyone and you can find many Chinese stores and restaurants in SoHo. If you want to stay in SoHo, then look into renting an apartment.

Hotels In The West End
The West End is a really upscale area of London, and this is where some of the best hotels in the world can be found. The area is glamorous, fashionable and it is very lively. This is where you want to stay when you want to experience London in an upscale way, and with so many different hotels to choose from, finding one that suits your taste should be easy to do.

Hostels And B&Bs
There are no shortage of hostels to stay at in London. There are also plenty of bed and breakfasts. Consider staying at a hostel or B&B in neighborhoods such as Shoreditch, Marylebone or Kensington. Hostels are very affordable and bed and breakfasts can offer you a unique experience.

Use WorldEscape To Find Accommodation
WorldEscape is a service that helps people find accommodation in London. The website is easy to use and you can search for various types of accommodation in different parts of London. This includes all of the accommodations that were previously discussed. If you want to find affordable accommodation, then you should use WorldEscape.

Visit WorldEscape today and book your London vacation rentals. You will be glad you did.

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In the app world smartphone users are also looking for the next best thing. For some reason we are just never satisfied with the apps that we have on our smartphones and tablets. We are a fickle generation of app users that will also be in search of the next best thing. I don’t know what will be the next best thing down the road, but right now that thing is Skout. It is the app that I just can’t get enough of. I have tried the other social media apps that are out there, and I must say that none of these apps have anything on Skout. It has become one of my favorite ways to communicate with the world outside of my window.

Anyone that is smart will see that this is the easiest way to meet new people in a short time span. I like the simple navigation that this app has. I see lots of different faces when I log on. These are different people that are online. I like this because it gives me instant access to people from a visual perspective. I am not even going to lie. I tend to pick my dates initially based on attraction. I find take time to get to know them through conversations, but my initial pick comes from my attraction. That is why I like the way that Skout on zendesk is set up. I can see the people before even clicking on profiles.

I love the way that Skout keeps a Hot List that shows new members. I also like the “Shake to Chat” and the Skout Travel features. I have been able to befriend different people and find out about different cultures with ease. I would recommend this app for anyone that may be planning to go to another country. There are tour guides in different spots, but I have always preferred to know about a city before I get there. This is why the friends on Skout are so great. They have been able to help me travel with ease. I appreciate these friends online because they have given me the ability to discover the land before I get to it. I have friends in the Bahamas that told me what stores to check out and what stores to avoid. They told me about the best resorts to stay in. I didn’t have to read some online brochures or anything like that. I had information directly from the source. This direct link just makes everything so much easier.

Skout has also been a great way to find those friends that are local to where you are. Sometimes you just want to meet people on the fly and hang out. There is nothing better than getting a couple of drinks with some new buddies. I have hit the downtown area and just had a good time hanging out with people I met on Skout. This can change the vibe of the weekend and make nights magical.

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When listing successful businesspersons, the name Susan McGalla is hard to ignore. She is a source of inspiration to every business mind out there and majorly on women. Majority of posts in the internet in 2015, concerning career advancement, have been targeting women. This can be attributed to the revolution and discovery by women; they can also make tremendous achievement in the business world. However, most of the information is impractical and fake. According to the United States Department of Labor, only one in 5 women participated in the labor force in the mid 20thcentury. Currently women comprise of 46.9% but only 14.6% make it to the executive position. Susan McGalla, having beaten all odds and rose in all major positions, is advocating for women to get out of their comfort zone. The titles American businesswoman and executive consultant accredited to Susan McGalla shows years of dedication and hard work.

Susan McGalla is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC, according to wikinvest.com she also doubles as an informed Professional adviser to client on branding, marketing, operational efficiency, Financial management and talent development. There is a sigh of relief to women who want to get ahead in business. Susan is selfless and has been lecturing on the same both at the Women and Girls Foundation of Pittsburg and at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker series for CEO’s and many more. She has worked hard presenting her ideas with confidence and composure irrespective of the audience, a value she has held so dearly through her entire career. She has never expected special treatment because of her gender and never has she factored it in her career goal. Her advice to women is to believe in themselves and have a positive attitude in every of their dealings.

She was born and raised with her two brothers in East Liverpool, Ohio. Her father being a tough local football coach must have installed a lot of discipline in her. Spending her childhood life with her siblings must have made it easy for her to prosper in the male dominated industry. She graduated from Mount Union College with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing, she continues to serve on the College Board of Advisors. She is a family woman married to a wealth manager, Stephen McGalla.

Her life has been characterized by series of career growth and rising through ranks. McGalla’s career kicked off at Joseph Horne Company in 1986. Here, she worked in various marketing and managerial position until 1994. Few months toward the end of 1994 she joined American Eagle outfitters, a company majorly comprised of men and no women sitting on the board or executive position. She started as a divisional merchandise buyer and after few years, she was promoted to managerial roles in various departments. She was later promoted to President and Chief Merchandising officer (CMO) for the Company’s Flagship brand and finally fought her way to becoming the President and CMO of the entire company. Her journey to becoming a private expert consultant started when she left American Eagle Inc. in January 2009. She now stands as Director of strategic planning and growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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The world of media is one that many people find fascinating. People love to go the movies and watch as their favorite characters come to life on the big screen. The chance to spend an hour or two in a movie theater watching a story unfold is an experience that many people love to do. The art of making good movies is one that many people greatly admire. Those who are able to capture the public’s attention and create a movie that is well written and well executed are those who are likely to do very well in this particular field.

One such person is John Textor. Textor is a highly skilled movie executive who has done much to help bring many enjoyable movies to audiences all across the globe. Under his leadership, many important movies have been made. His primary focus in this field has been on creating amazing special effects that can astonish and delight movie goers. Those who watch the movies he has helped create are often incredibly pleased at the kind of effects that can be seen in such movies. His creative use of such technologies have helped make the world of modern movie going on of continuing amazement and visceral happiness as audiences are often incredibly pleased at the kind of effects that are truly possible.

Textor is graduate of prestigious Wesleyan University. After graduating in the late 1980’s, he turned his attention to the field of business and media. Since that time, his focus has remained on providing leadership for companies that are hired to help provide special effects for many major American movies. His company has worked on many innovative movies in the last few years, with a specific specialization in helping provide directors with the means to realize their vision and translate any kind of idea they have in mind to a highly realized final vision. As a result of his work in this field, the entire field of visual effects has been transformed. Movie makers can turn to skilled and insightful leaders like Textor in order to help them create new kinds of movies to provide a source of delight for their audiences. They know that Textor and his company can take even a vague idea and turn into an amazing final result. In this way, many directors have found the ideal partner in Textor’s vision and help.

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When Doe Deere was just a young girl she had fun selling temporary tattoos to all of her classmates. She enjoyed being able to deliver to them a product that they loved, and she was happy to be able to do something different than what everyone else was doing. She enjoyed being an entrepreneur way back then, and that love for being able to sell a product that people love to them has stuck with her through the years.
Doe Deere shared on storyexchange.org joined up with a band and played around with that for awhile before she decided that she would like to do something different with her life. She had always been a girl who was big into fashion and having a different look, and so she decided that she would like to create a makeup brand. She put together all of the things that she loved about makeup and made her brand a huge success. She filled it with unique items that girls wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else, and a ton of girls have come to appreciate the brand for that.
Doe Deere is so excited about all of the success that her brand has had, and she is hoping that she will be able to expand and do more things beyond makeup in it, someday soon. She has many more ideas waiting to be shown, and she knows that others will be just as excited about them as she is once they come out.
Doe Deere feels that her makeup brand is made for a specific kind of people. She feels that there are only certain people who are brave enough to have that kind of look. And she encourages everyone who feels brave enough to put on the unique makeup that is sold from her brand. She wants everyone to be able to experience the feeling of looking like themselves and no one else.
So, from being a young girl selling tattoos to all of her friends to being a woman who is creating makeup for everyone who feels bold enough to put it on, Doe Deere has always been one to do something different with her life. She has served as the inspiration behind many people’s looks, and now she can serve as the inspiration behind people starting up their own companies, as well. She has done so much good in her life, and she is someone that every young girl should be keeping an eye on.

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Brazil, having been a Portuguese colony, derived its initial law system from the Portuguese system. After their independence in 1822, the people of Brazil were free to create their own systems. Given that the setting of laws required educated persons, particularly in law, their lawyers were trained under the Portuguese system thus the much relevance between the Brazilian law and Portuguese law. The country ended up establishing institutions where potential lawyers could be educated.
The first step in becoming a Brazilian lawyer is to take a Vestibular. The Vestibular is usually taken by students graduating from high school. One cannot be admitted to the university without taking and passing a Vestibular. Each university in Brazil administers a Vestibular that is organized by the Government of Brazil. The next step is enrolling in a University. It takes five years for a student to pursuing law to graduate as a lawyer. The National Commission of Legal Education of the OAB Federal Council authorizes the public and private universities on matters regarding law. They follow the regulations of the federal Ministry of Education. Uniformity is quite essential thus the reason for a central center in terms of making policies concerning law.
As much as each university has its curriculum and internal academic organization, the National Council of Education stipulates a cluster of subjects, which are compulsory. The compulsory subjects are divided into three groups. There is the Basic Education Axis, which has subjects that are related to sociology, economics, philosophy and political sciences. There is the Professional Education Axis that covers legal subjects such as international law, constitutional law and administrative law. The final group is the Practical Education Axis, which incorporates the lessons learnt in the first two axes to actual practice. There is also the 300 hours of compulsory vocational training which every aspiring lawyer must undertake. In addition, they must commit 250 hours to complementary activities.
An internship is also part of the requirements for the future Brazilian Lawyers. It can be done in companies, law firms or any corporation that has activities concerning law. These internships are designed to help in boosting confidence besides allowing the students to apply their learned skills in real life situations.
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the prominent and well known attorneys in Brazil. He started practicing law from a small office, which through hard work became the largest corporate litigation law firm in Brazil. He was an adviser of the Legal and human resources management at Grupo Rede. He later became the legal and administrative superintendent of Grupo Alusa. He teamed up with other lawyers to co found Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados.
Ricardo has publicly defended companies and famous personalities. Multinationals, politicians and huge corporations have immensely benefited from his legal services. He once served at the Judicial Modernization and Judicial reform Committees of OAB as the president. He is a licensed member of the International Bar Association and sits on the board of the Study Center for Lawyer Societies. Ricardo sits on the Steering Committee of the Institute for Management Development.

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Imagine you’re walking down the street or sitting in a restaurant having lunch and someone walks past you with the absolutely most to-die-for shoes you have ever seen in your entire life. Unfortunately, they also on the feet of someone who seems to be very wrapped up in conversation. This makes you very hesitant to interrupt them to ask them where they may have purchased their oh-so-fabulous shoes, and you are forced to wistfully watch those dual slices of heaven dance off into the sunset.

Enter Slyce, the techno brain child of Toronto entrepreneurs Erika Racicot and Cameron Chell. Slyce is a visual search platform that allows consumers to use their cameraphones to snap a pic of a product and search thousands of online retailers for a match. Amazon pioneered this image recognition technology back in 2012, but their platform is limited by it’s inability to search products without packaging. Great if you are standing in a store with the product in your hand and just want to do some price checking, not so great if you are walking down the street and see a product you just have to have – with no packaging or visible branding.

Slyce works on a much more sophisticated algorithm that actually allows it to identify a product based on an elimination technique that moves at the speed of light. First Slyce determines what it is looking at in general: a house, a car, a pair of shoes. If it determines it is looking at a pair of shoes (or a single shoe) it then begins to gather information to narrow down even further the exact product in front of it. Slyce relies heavily on the great number of photos of products already stored online by retailers.

Next, Slyce continues the process of making an exact match by looking at factors such as whether it has a high, narrow heel or a flat, wide sole. From there it can narrow down more and more minute details such as the exact height and width of the heel or the color and width of the sole on a tennis shoe. It then searches through millions of images for comparison to narrow it down to not only an exact product match, but also the closest comparable product in case the original item is not available or simply out of stock in a particular size.

Slyce has already partnered with six of the twenty largest retailers in the US to do product testing, but no word yet on when the finished product might be unveiled. It is also not clear whether Slyce will be a stand alone app or whether it will simply be offered as an additional feature on retailer’s existing apps.

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The world of beauty and cosmetics keeps evolving. In the 80’s, the focus of most of the cosmetic manufacturers was making goods that made people look as close as possible to the conventional standards of beauty, which at the time were governed by extremely racial standards. However, with time, the society has become more accepting towards different eye colors, skin tones, hair types, and other individual characteristics. As a result, the cosmetic industry has evolved in an attempt to accommodate and make products that are suitable for the demographics that were previously ignored.

As a result, it is easier today for a dark skinned person to get a supply of their favorite makeup brand than it was back then. All this can be credited to the work of visionaries in the industry. However, despite the many steps that have been made in making sure that beauty products are available for all skin types and other individual characteristics, there are still people that do not understand how to choose the right products for their personal use. Here are a few guidelines that could be helpful.

Eye makeup

The eyes and the skin around them are one of the most sensitive parts of the skin. This means that everyone should look for eye products that are very mild. When choosing eye makeup, let the color of your eyes guide you. For instance, if you want blue eyes to pop, use light neutral tones. Avoid overly dark and smoky looks. Similarly, green eyes will look great with burgundy, violet, and pink eyeshadow. For Brown eyes, the best color of eyeshadow to use is blue, shades of green and purple close to blue.

Lip makeup

The lips are also very important in the overall appearance of a person. When choosing lip care products, you need to pay attention to the fact that the skin around the lips is also very sensitive. Therefore, always ensure that you have products that moisturize and hydrate the lips even before using lipstick and other lip color makeup. Your skin tone should guide you in choosing the ideal lipstick colors. Always exfoliate the lips before using any lipstick. When you use lipstick on cracked lips, it will be evident.


Everyone loves having a perfectly manicured set of nails. The best way to achieve this is by making sure that even before you apply nail polish, the condition of your nails is perfect. You can achieve this by getting regular manicures and pedicures, exfoliating your nails and using moisturizer before sleep. As far as nail polish is concerned you can experiment with as many colors as possible, provided they are safe for use on your skin.

Doe-Deere and Cosmetics Manufacture

Doe is an American business executive who specializes in the cosmetics industry. In the 90’s, people started adopting make up that was more natural looking and less dramatic. This created a gap in the market whereby girls who like flare and color in their makeup wouldn’t get it. Doe Deere moved to the US in 1999 and immediately noted this gap. This is why she came up with Lime Crime cosmetics for the eyes, lips, and nails.

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Every year we tend to see some form of roster in churn in the NBA off season. The changing of players from team to team, involving franchise level talents, tends to shake up the NBA more than any other professional league. Thanks to this turnover we get to look at the NBA Power Rankings with new eyes almost every single year. So with the NBA’s regular season right around the corner in October, let’s take a step back and look over the Eastern Conference and who the power houses are going to be.

Cleveland Cavaliers
For LeBron James there is little more important than the NBA Title on a year in and year out basis. Right now LBJ has accomplished everything you can and now he just needs to move up the All Time Leaders list. The Cavaliers refueled and retooled this off season by re-signing LeBron and bringing back Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson. JR Smith finally got his renewed deal and the Cav’s bench is starting to take shape. We like a healthy Cavaliers team to win it all and that is why they are at the top of our rankings list.

Miami Heat
Everything LeBron touches turns to gold, right? The Heat missed the playoffs the year after LeBron went back to Cleveland and now they appear poised for another deep run and a capable rebound. Miami brought back Dwyane Wade and Goran Dragic while also plugging in some veteran talent in Amare Stoudemire and Gerald Green. Miami is one of the most intriguing teams in the entire NBA because they have a championship pedigree, true superstars, a winning coach and yet have received little to no fanfare. We think that’ll change as the season progresses and we can only imagine the hype a Miami/Cleveland postseason series would get.

Atlanta Hawks
Many analysts are backing off of the Atlanta Hawks after their franchise record setting season in 2014 – 15. After owner Bruce Levenson sold the team to Antony Ressler Bruce Levenson on ucg saw the Hawks go into immediate championship building mode. The Hawks quickly re-signed Paul Millsap while holding steady and refusing to over pay for the services of Demarre Carroll. Atlanta brought in a pair of stud bench players in Tiago Splitter and Tim Hardaway Jr and now they’ll have a healthy Kyle Korver back in the line up. Additional development time to both Kent Bazemore and Dennis Schroder puts this team in position to really make some noise once more.

Chicago Bulls
There is a lot up in the in Chicago with Derrick Rose facing a civil suit and the whole roster acclimating to new head coach Fred Hoiberg. We still like what Chicago can do if they transition well to Hoiberg’s fast paced, Golden State style offense. The continue devolution of Jimmy Butler to go along with the prospect of an emerging superstar in Nikola Mirotic gives us the thought that this team can compete when it comes down to it, regular season or playoffs.

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