If you and your kids take an Uber in Washington DC, then the kids might have the opportunity to play with a Nabi tablet while they’re on the road.

Uber has partnered with Nabi for its Uber Family Service Now those taking Uber Family commuter vehicles will have the Nabi tablets in the vehicle that kids ca play with while they’re on the road. The tablets are designed specifically with children in mind, and help kids develop things like fine motor skills while playing games that you might expect to see on a gaming console.

According to westorlandonews.com, Uber Family is a service designed specifically for families who want to take rides using the ride sharing service. The entire family can hop into an Uber, including a small child. Cat seats are available on many Uber Family rides for little ones, you just have to request them.

The addition of the tablets make taking the ride sharing solution an even better deal.

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Uber announced that a number of its drivers were compromised in a data breach last year. The company says that a third-party was able to access its records, walking away with the driver’s license numbers and names of up to 50,000 of the company’s employees.

In a statement, Uber’s managing counsel of data protection indicated that the company was notifying the effected drivers, however, it didn’t personally have knowledge of the perpetrators doing anything with the stolen information.

The data breach occurred in May of 2014, but Uber wasn’t aware of the issue until September of last year. Imaging advantage suggests it just began notifying drivers this week. The company thinks that the data breach was to gather information about Uber, and was not intended to target individual drivers on the service.

Since it happened so long ago, the issue effects not only current Uber drivers, but former drivers on the service as well.

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Noa Mintz Made More Than $480,000 From Her Babysitting Business

Finding a reliable babysitter can be an annoying as well as a distressing adventure said Gianfrancesco Genoso. Most teenage girls want to babysit, but knowing how to handle kids for a few hours can be a monumental task for them. Noa Mintz must have been born with the ultimate babysitting gene. At 15, Noa owns her a babysitting company. She started Nannies By Noa three years ago, and she now has over 190 clients according to an article.

Ms. Mintz has 25 full-time nannies and 50 babysitters. Nannies are paid around $64,000 to $100,000, and her babysitting services are a flat $5 an hour. Noa charges 15 percent agency fee on each salary, and that netted her a cool $480,000 last year. Noa started the business when she was 12 because she didn’t like the babysitters her mother hired to watch her.

Noa attends high school, and the business keeps growing. She had to hire a CEO to help with financial issues. Allison Johnson was hired to fill that position. Allison applied for a nanny position, but she was qualified to handle the CEO spot. Johnson said working for a 15-year-old was a challenge at first, but as a feminist she supported Noa’s vision and drive.

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Richard Salgado, Google’s director of law enforcement and information security matter, opposes an amendment to Rule 42 if allowed by the Advisory Committee rather than addressed by Congress and the President. Salgado said that the terminology is too broad, asking for “remote searches” that involve the government hacking into computers in other countries. A spokesman for the Department of Justice stated that the proposed changes would not authorize any searches not already authorized under the current law. The changes are targeted for changes to allow judges with the authority to review warrant applications for criminals and predators that hide their true locations. This measure would protect people and solve serious crimes.

At present, a federal judge cannot issue a search warrant outside of his district, but Bruce Karatz says the changes to the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 41 would change this in cases involving computers and computer networks. Salgado argues that the amendment to the rule would allow US authorities to search computers and devices around the world. Another concern is US and Israel connections to a global cyber-espionage program called Equation Group that has strong ties to Stuxnet, a virus created to infect and attack Iranian nuclear facilities. According to Kaspersky Lab, Equation Group has strong ties to Stuxnet and likely also with the US government. This is in essence another consideration in the argument of privacy versus national security, except with global considerations. Does US federal judges have jurisdiction to issue warrants against criminals operating in other countries? Other countries should be involved, as well, to legally and effectively put an end to cyber-espionage.

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A jail is nothing more than a place for people to go when they have no job or can’t get of the drugs that seem to control their life. This is what many people think about when they think of the people who are in jail, but this is often not the case with most of the people who are behind bars. They are people who don’t get the help they need to stat a new life says Pittsburgh Business Journals. After they are released from jail, they are sent back out on the streets to fend alone, to try to make it in a world with businesses that don’t like to hire people, like Marc Sparks, with a criminal background. If jails are warehouses for poor people, then why aren’t counties and states ding anything to solve the problem so that the same people don’t end up going back to jail again?

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Cloud storage is one of the hottest trends in technology that has popped up in recent years. Marcio Alaor loves that he has the ability to store data in remote locations for quick an easy retrieval via the internet is a task that users have embraced with exuberance. One of the more popular versions of the technology is backed by one of the biggest technology companies on the planet, and Google Drive is going an extra step to keep users protected and offering a healthy bonus as a thank you.

According to N4GM, Google Drive is offering users a simple security check up to make sure files are stored safely and securely, and as a way of conveying appreciation for using the checkup users are awarded an additional two gigabytes of storage. In a time where pictures, documents, movies, and music are taking up a ton of cloud space the additional room is a nice reward. Google Drive already provides a nice baseline of security, but letting users take another look at their service and offering something free in turn is a nice gesture from Google.

Google tends to always be at or near the front in any type of technology news, and this latest offering shows that the tech giant is dedicated to users. Of course, the checkup is not required, but with an offering of something for free just to evaluate security, Google Drive just demonstrates that it is serious about keep data private.

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QNET Ltd. is a famed direct selling firm that operates mostly out of Hong Kong. The company is a division of the QI Group. It’s also the conglomerate’s primary subsidiary. The company Executive Chairman is Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian executive, author, philanthropist and motivational speaker who also is its founder. Eswaran created the company in 1998.

The QI Group is a multinational conglomerate that focuses on many different types of businesses. These businesses include hospitality, education, leisure, travel, wellness, health, luxury, retail, telecommunications, personal care, home care and financial services. The QI Group has a staff of 1,500 plus employees in 30 nations around the world. Some of the company’s most prominent branch offices are in the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. QNET Ltd. has customers in over 30 nations located all around the planet.

QNET Ltd. is motivated by two distinct philosophies. These philosophies are called “In-Service” and “RYTHM.” QNET Ltd. believes that In-Service is a vital leadership trait. In-Service is the concept of valuing strong service over your own needs. RYTHM, on the other hand, is based on Mahatma Gandhi’s beliefs of “Raising Yourself to Help Mankind.” That’s what “RYTHM” stands for. RYTHM is about making others around you stronger so that everyone can ultimately do well.

QNET Ltd. depends on an international network that’s made up of many individual distributors. These distributors all work to market and spread the word about the e-commerce company’s large selection of lifestyle items.

The multilevel marketing firm is involved with many leading organizations throughout Asia. These organizations include the Health Supplements Industry Association of Singapore, the Hong Kong Health Food Association and the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Joseph Bismarck, along with Eswaran, is a key player in the operations of the QI Group and QNET Ltd. Bismarck serves as the company’s managing director. The founding director was a vital component in creating a strong base for the conglomerate’s development and expansion over the years. Eswaran’s entrepreneurial talents and Bismarck’s management savvy work together to make the QI Group and QNET Ltd. what they are now.

QNET Ltd. is similar to many other companies in the modern age in that the firm regularly promotes its products on social networking websites. QNET Ltd. has official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. QNET Ltd. frequently showcases its newest lifestyle products by posting photographs of them on the company Instagram page.

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In 2007, and app was designed for people to meet people nationally and internationally that allowed them to easily communicate and build relationships. The app, called Skout, has created quite a buzz in the past 8 years (with mentions in the New York Times and San Francisco Business Times) so much so that 500 million people are connected in the Skout community. Christian Wiklund, CEO and founder of Skout, developed this effective way for people to meet and it was an immediate success.

In tribute to this amazing tech tool, Wednesday, February 4 was declared the first ever international Online Friendship Day by Skout, and for good reason. In the eight years that Skout has been out, they have acquired over 500 million communicators, and last year, 52 million of those connections participated in a survey.

Here are the highlights that were provided.

• They discovered the 10 friendliest cities by identifying the cities with the best characteristics: Seattle, Denver, Houston, San Francisco, New York, Phoenix, Los Angels, Chicago, Dallas and St. Louis.
• Found that the most users, 60 percent, were from Brazil. America came in second.
• Women are more likely to develop online friends with 56 percent.
• Both sexes are more honest with their relationships online.
• In 33 percent of the top civilized countries, the users have online friends in other countries.
• Millennials are not the only ones communicating with friends online: 52 percent under the age of 30 and 47 percent of those under 40 have online friendships.

Wiklund stated that the advances in technology make it easier to create new friendships and to maintain strong communicative ties. He also said that “Our goal is to help millions of people connect and enlarge their social circles,” and by reaching around the world with his vision, today, millions of people are connecting in online relationships across the borders of cities, states and countries.

Source: PR Newswire

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Igor Cornelsen is a retired investor and former investment chief at Bainbridge Securities, who held several positions in some of Brazil’s largest banks from 2006 to 2010. He remains a staunch advocate of investment as a long-term practice, and spends his time in retirement writing about the basics of investing for laypersons. He is also a notable pundit and expert source when covering the nuances of investment in Brazil.

Cornelsen’s investment philosophy is fundamentally conservative: Study the company, study what product it makes and what service it provides, and research the business fundamentals of that product or service. He was one of the first investors to speak out against human-run volatility trading after computerization and automation made it worthwhile, and that’s a position he still holds.

Investing in the stock market to make a quick buck is somewhat akin to playing the most complicated casino in the world, while paying attention to two slot machines, your cell phone going off and having three people yammering in your ear, per Cornelson. If that doesn’t sound appealing, don’t day trade – but put your money into actual investements by studying the business fundamentals of the companies you’re focusing on. The returns will have less volatility, but will, over time, yield better results.

Cornelsen’s other regular topic for essays is investing in Brasil, which is blessed with a large population, strong local demand, and abundant agricultural and other resources. Unfortunately for the investment community, Brazil’s wide income gap between the poorest and the wealthiest results in intermittent elections built on populism and economic envy; Brazil has run through nearly six years of the “New Economic Matrix” and it’s been a failure. It’s fallen short of an outright disaster, but it’s been a failure nonetheless.

While Brazil’s government and protectionist trade regulations make for a place that’s hard to get into for outside investing, once in, the benefits are great. Roughly one in four Brazilians is an entrepreneur, and the social mores of the country mean that nearly all of them are willing to talk about their experiences with investing and business in the country.

When investing in Brazil, there are some gotchas to keep an eye on. The first is that the ten largest banks in Brazil wield a great deal of influence, and have been the largest advocates of foreign currency controls. In effect, unless you’re investing in Brazilian reals in a locally situated business, you’re going to need to work with one of the handful of banks that are authorized to deal in foreign currency transactions.

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