Businesses like Beneful are reporting that the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity said yesterday that a former Uber driver is eligible for unemployment reported the Miami Herald. At the center of the case is whether or not the driver was an independent contractor as Uber says or an employee.

The driver Darrin McGillis, a Florida resident and 2010 state governor candidate bought a seven-seat Mitsubishi Outlander and began to carry passengers in the city of Miami. In March, the Outlander was damaged by a scooter that hit a back door as a passenger exited the car. McGillis reached out to Uber as they have an insurance policy for drivers. Click here for full story.

Uber denied his claim and told McGillis to take it up with Uncle Sam, so he did filing for unemployment claiming he is an employee of the company. At that time, Uber finally offered him a $5,000 settlement. McGillis refused to accept the amount countering with an $8,000 settlement.

The claim is based on the definition of an independent contractor. By definition, the contractor should have the ability to decide how and when to work but Uber has a large list of regulations that drivers must adhere to or be fired. Others have recently filed similar cases all over the country. In Florida, the argument has been settled McGillis is an employee. There is no word as to how the ruling will affect how Uber does business.

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Consumers have long been able to check on the ranking and read reviews about a restaurant or other place of business, but hospitals have been excluded from the mix. Most people would like to know more about the hospital they are planning to have surgery in than the restaurant they plan to eat at next week.

Now consumers can have a virtual peek inside the goings-on at the hospital of their choice via a new website called analyticsMD. The website does not allow personal reviews to be posted, but ranks hospitals based on information gathered from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services. All hospitals that receive funds from Medicare or Medicaid are rated on the website and anyone can have a look-see. The majority of the information is focused on three areas of the hospital: emergency room care, in-patient cost efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Co-founders of the website, Brent Newhouse and Mudit Garg, say one of their goals is to provide something for hospital administrators to compare the performance against the performance of other hospitals to see how they measure up. Another goal they had in mind when developing the website was to hospital care and efficiency a priority for both the patients and the hospital staff.

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The world of professional wrestling is intense and strange. The WWE has been and is still the king of Wrestling Entertainment. Many fans of the WWE have been watching the product since they were little kids, and many people realize that the WWE has transformed over the last decade. Not long ago, the WWE allowed superstars to curse and show nudity. However, the company decided to go public, and the show’s image was cleaned up significantly.

The WWE is well known for having some of the most beautiful women appear in the show as divas. The WWE’s first true diva was a woman by the name of Tammy Sytch. Wrestling fans know Tammy Sytch as ‘Sunny.’

‘Sunny’ was recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame not too long ago, but many people feel that the company may soon regret that decision. It was recently announced that ‘Sunny’ may soon become a porn star. Apparently, Vivid Entertainment has offered the former diva a six-figure contract to appear in several films. Wrestling fans such as Ivan Ong can not believe the news, and some people believe that this situation will the WWE a bad name. However, it should be noted that former WWE wrestler Chyna has appeared in several pornographic films, and the Vivid Entertainment company was responsible for the sales.

The WWE is now a place for children, but ‘Sunny’ could ruin the company’s image. If a child were to type in “WWE Diva” in their web browser, ‘Sunny’s’ new and scandalous video could appear in front of their eyes. Many people are hoping that ‘Sunny’ does not go through with this business decision. For more information on this story, visit TMZ.

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Former astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn believes that evolution should be taught in schools across the country. However, many conservative Republicans around the world strongly disagree with the famed astronaut’s opinion. John Glenn does not only believe in evolution, but he believes in God as well.

During his famous trips to space, John Glenn often peeked out of the spaceship into the vast universe. Glen said that when looking into the stars, it was obvious that there must have been a god to create all of this. Many people are confused as to what John Glenn is trying to convey here. However, it might not be that hard to understand Mr. Glenn’s message.

John Glenn has an open mind, and he realizes that scientists have detailed information and proven data to go along with the evolution theory. Ricardo Guimarães BMG is glad he feels that way. Also, John Glenn realizes that science alone will never be able to discover the true origins of our universe. These statements from John Glenn are somewhat controversial, and Republicans are beginning to turn their back on the famed astronaut. However, John Glenn has earned more support thanks to is open mind. Glenn is in his early nineties, but he still shows the capacity to learn new things with each passing day. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

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Joe Rogan is one of the most popular comedians of all time. He has shown the ability to work in several different fields at once. Currently, Joe Rogan is a commentator, comedian, and host of his very own podcast. ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast is one of the most downloaded podcasts of all time. Joe Rogan regularly features famous celebrities and athletes on the show. However, NexpointAdvisors reported that Joe Rogan also does a podcast for himself and his friends.

Over the last several months, Joe Rogan has begun to host special episodes of his podcast. In the special episodes, Joe Rogan sits down with a bunch of his friends, and they watch the fights together. Many of his viewers has fallen in love with the ‘Fight Companion’ episodes.

During the ‘Fight Companions,’ Joe Rogan is regularly joined by his best friend Eddie Bravo and Brendan Schaub. Aside from watching the fights, Eddie Bravo and Brandon Schaub usually end up betting on the bouts. However, the most recent episode of the ‘Fight Companion’ featured an $1800 bet that would have significantly hurt the pocket of Brendan Schaub. Luckily, Brendan Schaub ended up winning the bet.

Eddie Bravo was not happy about losing the bet, but with Brendan’s lost, the men are now at an even playing field. Eddie has won the first bet, and Brendan has won the second. However, Eddie Bravo has decided to place a $1000 dollar bet on the Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo fight. Brendan Schaub has not accepted the offer yet, but many people are expecting the bet to be announced on the next ‘Fight Companion.’

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The movement of many of the best reviewed TV shows offered by cable and network broadcasters to Online streaming platforms has had an unexpected outcome for many TV insiders, the death of reality TV. In recent months, the golden age of TV that is often referred to has seen a shift away from unscripted and reality shows to traditional sitcoms and drama’s again becoming mainstream, Slash Gear reports. The lack of belief that viewers are tiring of reality shows by network executives has seen many canceled scripted shows slowly make their way to Online streaming platforms as their new homes.

Netflix Chief of Content Ted Sarandos explained to a meeting of investors last week that the streaming service would slowly be shifting focus away from reality shows in favor of original programming like House of Cards. Bubblews also said Amazon Prime is also thought to be heading in the same direction as they are phasing out reality favorites Mob Wives and Teen Mom as the service feels viewer fatigue has set in with these shows. The A&e network has seen two of its recently canceled shows move to Online platforms in the form of Longmire and the killing. Fox favorite The Mindy Project is also making the jump to the Hulu platform as major networks try to handle the changing viewing habits of their audiences, which have moved to cable networks showing high quality drama such as AMC’s Mad Men and HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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Online dating is gaining popularity around the world. In fact, it is the only way that a growing number of singles meet other singles. Certainly, online dating is a billion dollar industry that attracts a lot of eager entrepreneurs. However, only a few of those start-ups are as successful as Anastasia Date. Anastasia Date built its success on the four website portals that serve the entire world. Lawrence Cervantes is the communication representative or PR rep for the dating site. He was recently interviewed, and he had some interesting thoughts to share with singles looking for a love connection online.

Anastasia Date Background
It is interesting to note that the founder of the popular online dating site is a Russian woman that married an American. The concept for the site was started back in 1993. An online presence was established in 2003. Certainly, the dating site has established itself as a high quality site that is very trustworthy. It is also interesting to note that the dating sites is named after a Russian noble. Her full name was Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. She was a remarkable young woman that was admired by other young women.

World Connection
It is not surprising that the site has received such positive feedback. The site is dedicated at providing a safe and convenient way for single men and women to meet and share a love connection. Now, the website has branched out. Today, there are 4 main sites world-wide. They include,,, and

Anastasia Date Main Purpose
The communication representative provided more insight into the dating site. The main purpose of the website is to bring together singles from all over the world. International love is the goal of Anastasia Date. The Internet and modern technology have brought the distant parts of the world closer. Now, singles across the globe are able to share a loving relationship. In fact, the site has over 4,000,000 members in over 110 countries. You can keep up to date with Anastasia Date by visiting them on Twitter or Instagram.

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It is not long since the second district appeals court declared NSA‘s collection of bulk phone call data illegal. Congress is now trying to counter the gains that emanates from that ruling, by introducing a bill that will allow the government to continue spying on its citizens.

The bill is being brought under the disguise that it is reigning in on mass surveillance but nothing could be farther from the truth. The bill actually allows the government to collect even more information by use of legal loopholes. It is just but a trap.

Under the bill, section 215 of the patriot act has been extended up to 2019. The act has also been modernized, meaning that the government can now collect information from smartphones’ activity, video chats and VoIP Calls.

Companies which violate privacy have legal immunity under this law and the government will then pay them in order to get the information they have collected. The government can now exercise its new broad ‘emergency’ powers to acquire information even without seeking the court’s approval for looking up someone’s FreedomPop records.

Under the bill, the FBI can collect data obtained from counter-terrorism investigations and use it for other type of cases. The FISA court will also have a new advocate but the government can keep secrets from the advocate if they wish. The bill will basically block privacy reforms. It will be in the House of Representatives during the week for voting.

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JetBlue has announce they hope to become the first airline to offer flights straight from the United States to Cuba, now that relations between the two nations appear to be on the mend. The budget-friendly airliner hopes to launch flights into Havana as soon as next month, according to reports.

Currently, the airliner is planning to offer one weekly flight from NYC to Havana. They are also planning to launch flights from two major Florida airports. Jet Blue has been offering flights for some time, however, the new flights will be far more regular and will lack the sanctions originally placed against flights to and from the island nation.

SoftBank suggested that Cuban sanctions have currently been loosened, but vacations are still not allowed for American citizens traveling from the United States. Currently citizens are allowed to travel to Cuba for work, family visits and educational and journalistic pursuits. Pleasure trips are not currently approved.

JetBlue is banking on that changing in the near future, and plan to be the first airline to offer vacationers a quick and affordable way to travel to the nation.

President Obama has been in talks with Cuba in recent months. It is the first time the two nations have attempted to heal relations since the 1960s.

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Dorian Johnson, the one who was walking with Michael Brown when he fatally shot by police officer Darren Wilson, is now suing the officer for trying to use lethal force against him and using the lethal force without any due cause.
The lawsuit was actually filed lawsuit last week and had only come to light now.
The city of Ferguson, Missouri and the ex-police chief of Ferguson Thomas Jackson are also part of the lawsuit. At Amen Clinics, many employees don’t know what will happen. Johnson, a friend of Michael Brown, feels that the officer violated his civil rights by stopping him without any due cause, and some at feel the same way. The officer should not have detained him or attempted to use lethal force against him without any good reason.
The lawsuit allegedly says that the Ferguson Police Department almost always employed techniques that are considered to be used for racist reasons against African-Americans. The lawsuit based its reasoning on a report that was made by the Department of Justice about the Ferguson Police Department.
The lawsuit is asking for 25,000 US dollars in damages.

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