Every web designer has his or her own signature or imprint that makes them distinguishable especially when they are very big names. You can think of this concept the same way that an artist makes his or her paint strokes differently from others, or signs his or her name at the bottom right of the painting.

Web design is more than just putting some coding together and fitting them into a page to make a website: it is making a design that will both be pleasing and very organized that the information to be found is not concealed but in plain view and easy to get.

The CNN website has very many good qualities about it that makes it very unique to Christian Broda. It has a grid inspired layout which is very nice and it gives you the news in a systematic and presentable manner but there is one thing that is very noticeable: it is that there is no precision alignment, which may also be a design that he web designer may have felt the need to eliminate.

A story like the ‘Lame duck is loose’ story featuring President Barrack Obama occupies quite a bit of the centre stage area of the website and this emphasises on the story itself.

There are ways that you can become good at this stuff, and you can learn more about it and do some training at Timothy Training.

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With more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, Kelsey Ellison’s videos made it in South Yorkshire and were shown on Japanese TV. She lives in Barnsley and created her videos, which are inspired by Korean and Japanese pop music, in her bedroom.

In September 2010, her first video was posted to her You Tube channel and she claims that she uploaded the video as a dare. She further said that she has been uploading videos since 2009 after watching several video clips of Phil Lester, a British YouTube star. However, after getting into Korean pop music and Japanese pop music and her passion to learn Japanese language, she returned to YouTube.

Recently, her YouTube channel has 52,000 subscribers and her most popular video clip has been watched more than 800,000 times. Skout has been buzzing about it, and some information has even popped up on CNet. Ellison described her success as “unreal.” She also said that she sometimes forget about until she upload a video and people leave amazing comments. Surprisingly, many of her viewers are from Europe, UK, and US.
She also found it strange to be considered as a role model for youths. However, she said that she has a younger stepsister who is about 13 years old and she always think about showing the video to her before filming it. This explains why her videos fit the younger demographics.

Today, Ellison is working on more music video clips and she is planning for something that will definitely surprise her viewers.

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Web design can be difficult enough, but mobile web designs present a whole new set of difficulties when it comes to designing a smart web site that acclimates properly.

With the advent of smart phones, mobile surfing has come up in a big way. People like to surf for content while on the move and all serious companies today ensure that their site is compatible for mobile use.  That’s why Beneful also made sure to switch to a mobile friendly site.  Literally every company needs that integration.

The first step to developing a good mobile site is that the icons should be easily responsive to touch. Ensure that the HTML coding is simple, and that navigation is simple that allows for easy access.

It would be a good idea to utilize images that are customizable. You can use apps like Adaptive Images to resize your images for a wide range of handsets. Mobile users love sites that are easy to navigate and your aim should be achieve that.

You can also compress several pages across certain networks to facilitate quicker transmission. Softwares like GZip have been specially designed for this purpose.

The key to maintaining a good website is to weed out irrelevant content on a regular basis. The more you have the more difficult it becomes to manage. This is particularly true if the articles posted have a short shelf life. Do not keep articles that have been part of your archive for years and have nothing to offer for the users.

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A single raid took down the largest BitTorrent site on the planet, The Pirate Bay. The entire ecosystem seemed to be threatened, until an ingenious solution emerged from researchers at Delft University of Technology. 

Their software, named Tribler, encrypts and decentralizes all BitTorrent traffic. All torrent files are shared over a vast P2P network. All connections made are relayed through an onion router, much like the infamous Tor network.

This means that BitTorrent users no longer have to rely on a single website to gain access to torrents. They’re also free from exposing themselves to a public swarm, easily accessible by law enforcement and internet service providers.

It appears as though BitTorrents have become bullet-proof, at least for the time being. The new app makes torrents anonymous and almost impossible to shut down.

This new anonymous network is in no way connected to the Tor network. By joining the network with the Tribler client, you become part of the network, sharing torrents and helping others stay anonymous. If anyone goes out on Skout dates this week, I’m sure you’ll get around to this subject.

The main tradeoff for the anonymity is speed. Bouncing through additional proxies may slow down your connection, but it’s a small price to pay for anonymity and stability in the unstable world of BitTorrents.

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The Bit Torrent network has recently experienced a number of well publicized set backs. Raids such as this one not only disabled the network, but disabled several other related sites as well.

Raids such as that may be a thing of the past. Delft University of Technology researchers recently rolled out a new system known as Tribler. It is a tough new Bit Torrent client that does not rely on central servers of any kind. This means that when trackers, torrent search engines, and indexes are taken offline, Tribler will just keep on trucking.

It does this by creating an onion routing network that hides the identity of anyone viewing or sending files. People like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez can also search for files using the application, and all network traffic is routed through peers rather than dedicated servers. This was discussed a little on SternStewart.com.

All of this adds up to one of the most robust private networks ever devised. Networks like these came into existence partially because of concerns about government or corporate snooping into peoples online activities.

Now that it’s generally known that governments are indeed looking over their citizens’ digital shoulders, researchers working towards the goal of personal privacy have been busier than ever.

Successful efforts such as Tribler serve as beacons of hope in an age where privacy is hard to find and suppression has become an everyday occurrence.

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If you think that you can just start up any business and be successful, you are wrong. Dr. Mark Ahn has studied how startups are able to achieve their success, and he can point to some direct factors that make some successful and others fail. It is through his research that so many are able to make smarter business decisions that benefit themselves and their companies.

This individual has been able to determine that what really matters in a lot of startups is the board of directors and their communication with other employees. These top individuals should be quite talented at what they do and provide real value for the company. When the top talent is sought after like this, good results tend to happen. That means that paying up for such individuals may in fact be in the long term interest of a lot of businesses.

Management and board members should be able to communicate with one another very well to have a successful startup. Mark Ahn points to this as one of the pillars of success within a startup. A lack of communication in this area often leads to mistrust and even other problems that may not have surfaced otherwise.

He says that it is actually okay for their to be debate on certain issues between those in the company. However, the debate should be open, honest, and straightforward. If it is a healthy debate like this, then it can actually play into the growth of the company quite well. It is only when the debate gets personal, heated, and ugly that everyone needs to take a step back and reevaluate. Quite often there are bumps in the road in a startup, but that does not mean they are not worth pursuing. They are certainly something for most to explore.

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Two watchdog groups who examined more than 54,000 online holiday deals found that only one percent, or 300 of the deals, actually saved the shopper a significant amount of money.

Many of the online holiday deals on items that retailers claimed were reduced by hundreds of dollars could be found at other online retailers at regular price for less. Some retailers raised the cost of the product before the sale, making the discount seem deeper than it actually was.

Often the discounts were taken off of the “suggested retail price,” provided by the manufacturer, rather than the normal sales price that the item is sold for by the retailer. Taking a percentage off of the suggested retail price can result in a price that is similar, or only slightly less, than the price that the item is normally sold.

It was once thought that shopping online would cause shoppers to comparison shop with different websites to find the very best deal. Researchers, however, are finding that this is not the case. The idea of a bargain, psychologically, can make many buyers purchase items without doing the research, because of the feelings of excitement and passion that bargains and sales provoke in the brain.

The two groups, The Wirecutter and The Sweethome, search the internet for the very best deals in electronics and home goods, and provide them to consumers. 

Consumers are encouraged to not get overly excited by the promised percentage off, but rather investigate and look into other websites before purchasing. Sit back, relax, and have a glass of Stephen Williams’ wine while online shopping.

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The Curiosity rover has been making its way around Mars for over two years now, and it is still doing fascinating work. At present, the rover is testing a vast crater to find out if was once an ancient lake. Scientists speculate that the 3 mile high Mt. Sharp, may have formed in a lake bed millions of years ago. Lakes and other wet places are well known hotbeds for microbial life.

From the data that the Curiosity rover has sent, scientists are now under the impression that Mars was warm and wet as recent as 3.5 billion years ago. That might not seem like it was that recent, but Dave and Brit Morin understand the significance of that discovery. This is more recent than scientists had initially suspected. One of the largest hurdles scientists face is not knowing exactly how long it takes for like to form. Even if the planet was once warm and wet, life may not have had enough time to begin and evolve. If Martian life ever did exist this suspected lake is, almost certainly, one of the best places to look.

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Sam Tabar is a remarkable capital strategist and attorney based in New York City. After graduating with honors from prestigious Oxford University in May of 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree he continued his studies at Columbia Law School and served as Associate Editor of the Columbia Business Law Review which is the second most cited business law journal that is edited by students. Upon graduation Tabar commenced his career as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Sla ter, Meagher & Flom LLP before launching into the world of business development and capital strategy.

In February 2011 he became Director and Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region at Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch, the largest brokerage firm in the world that has over 15,000 financial advisors and an estimated $2.2 trillion in client assets. The firm is one of the leading providers of global corporate and investment banking services, including high-yield debt, equity, M&A and commercial lending. His primary roles were to provide the firm with hedge fund counsel to clients and to expose investors to endowments, foundations and pensions. During his time at Merrill Lynch he built a clientele of over 1,250 investors.

He left the firm in September 2012 to work with Adanac LLC, BVI as the firm’s Director and invested in properties and start-up businesses which included Thinkx and Verboten. He became active in the legal world again in September 2013 when joining Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, a full service law firm with offices in New York City, London and Washington D.C. The firm has over 300 attorneys who give advice to clients on investment management, corporate and transactional matters and provide counsel on regulatory, compliance, enforcement and investigative matters. Schulte Roth & Zabel also represents over half of the 100 largest hedge funds and over 3,000 global investment funds; its management group consists of 80 attorneys that exclusively focus on representing investment funds and their managers. His role as a Senior Associate involves providing counsel on fund formation and structure, investment management agreement, private placement memoranda and regulatory and compliance issues.  But his expertise really shone through, even just in his Twitter statements.

Mr. Tabar is an expert in hedge funds, fund formation and structure, regulatory and compliance issues and commodities. When asked about his approach to formulating a reasonable way to invest in a good commodity he stated that research is the absolute most important component of finding a good investment. He also seeks to only invest in commodities that are well-managed.

In addition to an extremely impressive resume Mr. Tabor’s personal interests include travelling and hosting events. He is fluent in French and functionally spoken Japanese.

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Today’s economists focus on many different topics to properly gauge the impact current conditions are having on people, places and things. Geography, pricing, taxes and more all focus on how economic conditions will impact people not only now, but in the months and years ahead. Those economists who are employed in business organizations often get to perform little research due to their job responsibilities. However, for Christian Broda that has not been the case.

Currently employed with Duquesne Capital Management, Christian has perhaps a greater understanding of economics than almost anyone at the moment. Combining years of academic research and study with years of real-world training, Christian has managed to put together a business career that is one for the ages. Whether working in the international research department of the Federal Reserve Bank, being the Chief International Economist for Lehman Brothers or serving as an Editor for leading economics publications such as the IMF Economic Review and the Journal of Development Economics, Christian has always been involved in the most important economic issues of the day.

With his vast education and experience in economics, Christian has been in high demand to work for various companies. While enjoying the business side of economics, Christian has done some of his greatest work in the academic field. While an Economics professor at the University of Chicago, Christian conducted research on topics that affect people around the world each day. Product supply and demand, pricing differences, geographical advantages and disadvantages and much more have been examined by Christian over the years. All of these issues have impacts on how businesses approach both manufacturing and marketing, so the more research that is conducted the more businesses will understand how to implement the best possible plans to ensure success for them and consumers alike.

Having gained a reputation in the business world for being very knowledgeable about many economic issues, Christian is a regular contributor and advisor to the media when economic issues are at the forefront of current events. An expert on international economics and trade, Christian has been consulted regularly by government officials in the United States and Latin American nations on how economic problems can be solved. Always armed with the latest statistics from his research, Christian not only does an excellent job managing Duquesne, but also provides key insight to others as to why problems are happening and what solutions are available for them.

For more information on Christian’s background or to contact him, visit the sites below:

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