Many people in today’s world, who are familiar with elite luxury hotels, knows all about the Dorchester Collection whereas these hotels are most exclusive five-star hotels from all over the world. Hotels aren’t what they are because of the elegance alone but with the people who staff these hotels and more important the people who oversee the entire division of hotels. So what how did Christopher Cowdray get to where he is today? Let’s find out.

Hard Work Pays Off
Christopher Cowdray has always believed in the putting in the time to get things done right and how that is done with a lot of hard work. Christopher Cowdray, who was a resident of Zimbabwe, decided that his talents would be best used if he went to college for hotel management. Later on he went to Columbia University for their executive program. Christopher used his degrees and experience to work all over the world managing hotels. In 2004, Christopher had gotten a job as the general manager of The Dorchester Hotel. After serving as the general manager, he was appointed in 2007 as the CEO of the Dorchester Collection. The fast growing popularity of the Dorchester Collection gave Christopher the insight and the know-how to expand the Dorchester collection to more cities around the world that would make the Dorchester collection more profitable.
Going Forward
Since Christopher Cowdray is the managing CEO of the Dorchester Collection, he has plans for the future to be the ultimate hotel management corporation. He believes that Dorchester Collection will keep expanding forward by adding four to five hotels to their collection each year. They have a number of their hotels in Europe and a few in the US. Christopher Cowdray makes it known that they have plans to add three more hotels in the US at Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston. The Dorchester Collection also is planning to expand to South America, Middle East and the Asia Pacific in the largest cities.

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Hollywood is land for ultimate movie production in the U.S. and around the world, and John Textor is a major contributor. In the digital domain area, he has soared to the top of his field leading films such as Transformers, Flags of our Fathers, Real Steel, Tron: Legacy and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. John Textor’s leadership in these spectacular films has brought his talents to the attention of the Academy Awards winning multiple awards.

Mr. Textor did not start out in Hollywood; in fact, his beginnings were in the mid-west. Textor received his Bachelor Degree in 1987 from Wesleyan College, which is located in the heartland of Ohio. After receiving his degree, John co-founded a private equity firm in Florida called Wyndcrest Holdings that was focused on entertainment, the Internet and communications.

In 1999, Textor became director of The Parent Company and Baby Universe. With his executive experience, he quickly was promoted to chairman in 2002 and CEO in 2005. The time he spent with this company proved to be very beneficial for his future endeavors in California. Before launching his film interests in Hollywood, John also served as Chairman and CEO of Sims Snowboards and was the founder and director of Lydian Trust Company/Virtual

With this experience under his belt, he was free to follow his passion of producing and directing digital films. In 2006, the young entrepreneur easily moved into the position of chairman and CEO of Digital Domain, merging the parent company and creating Digital Domain Media Group. Under John’s direction, Digital Domain went on to produce the visual effects for 80 large scale feature films with John directing over 25. Digital Domain quickly moved an established position as a market leader in visual effects.

John Textor moved from Digital Domain and is presently executive chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Pulse specializes in the production of computer-generated human likenesses of which he has portrayed such celebrity stars as Elis, Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe.

Mr. Textor has many highlights throughout his career including the introduction of a digital Tupac Shakur in 2012 at the Coachella Valley Music Festival and a $100 million joint-venture of the virtual media production of Abu Dubai. John Textor is on the cutting edge of virtual entertainment, right where he is the most passionate and the most talented.

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Back pain is commonly suffered among Americans. Four out of every five Americans suffer from chronic back pain in their life. There are several distinctive factors between acute back pain and chronic back pain. Acute back pain lasts for four to six weeks, and can be treated with ice packs and rest. North American Spine reports that hronic back pain lasts for several months at a time and the only source of relief for the affected is seeking medical treatment, such as injections, prescriptions, or surgery.

Medical advancements in treating chronic back pain happen everyday. Traditional treatment for example would be fusion of the discs or putting a rod in your back. This form of treatment has limited mobility for the affected. New treatments are showing to treat chronic back pain, faster recovery time, and help keep the patients mobility in tact.

North American Spine is a company that believe in using the new form of treatment for chronic back pain. This company is actively practicing a method called the accurascope procedure. This is a minimally invasive procedure. A small microscopic camera is inserted through a tiny incision around the affected area. The physicians then study the area, looking for any small muscle tears, scar tissue, or swelling. Once the source of the problem is found, a laser is used to fix the problem.

After the procedure is complete, patients are taken to a recovery room where they are observed until they wake up. Generally, the patient can walk the same day, and start normal daily activity within 24 hours. Average time off of work needed is about a week. After the surgery, patients are ordered for physical therapy. The physical therapist will ensure the patient is gaining full mobility at a healthy pace.

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At age 62 Bruce Levenson is the Director of TechTarget Inc. As an American businessman, NBA team owner, and a philanthropist who generously gives to a multiple of causes. He is a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC which was formerly the Atlanta Spirit, which owns and operates the Atlanta Hawks basketball team as well as the Philips Arena. Since 2004, Bruce Levenson has served as Hawks Governor on the NBAs Board of Governors. In 1977, Bruce Levenson co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG) and a founding board member of TechTarget, which is publicly traded on NASDAQ and TTGT, as an IT industry media company.

Bruce Levenson hired Danny Ferry in 2012, as the Hawks new general manager and as president of basketball operations. Danny Ferry served as the general manager for the Cavaliers after playing for the Cavaliers, then moving on to the Hawks. later he would be the vice president of operations for the San Antonio Spurs before going to the Hawks.

In March of 2014, Bruce Levenson and his wife travelled to the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. with the Hawks basketball team and staff. Irene Boyarsky who is Levenson’s mother-in-law who is also a Holocaust survivor, was also on the trip with the team. Irene Boyarsky spoke with the team about her experiences before and during the tour.

In 2014, Bruce Levenson made an announcement that he was going to sell his share of the ownership group which included the Atlanta Hawks. Bruce Levenson is working with an investment banking firm, who is handling the sale.

Bruce Levenson was also adviser to BIA Digital Partners, which is a private equity firm. He was also a member of the Board of Directors for the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association (NEPA), and was inducted in 1997 into the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame.

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Online streaming has always had its benefits. As long as you have a steady internet connection, you can have access to all the content that you are entitled to. This convenience and access to a wide array of content has made online streaming services successful.

One particular service that has gained a staggering number of subscribers is Spotify. As of now, there is already 15 million paid subscribers. The paid subscribers have access to all the content available in Spotify’s enormous library of songs and artists.

The total number of users of the service is actually a whole lot more. There are still 60 million users who use the service for free which is supported by ads. Thinking about telling Christian Broda about this. Even as a free user, you can still have access to all the content in Spotify although freedom to choose specific songs and skipping tracks are limited.

Premium users have the ability to download tracks and make them available offline although it could only be played through the Spotify music player. This creates security and safety to the tracks.

Although Spotify has become really popular, there are artists who are openly against the entire system of online streaming of music. Some of these artists include Taylor Swift, David Byrne, and Thom Yorke. Spotify pays for royalty for all the songs that are in their database and determines how much more an artist can get.

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Beneful is a brand of dry and wet dog food and treats manufactured by Nestle Purina that was introduced to the public in 2001 and marketed on the basis of its nutritional benefits. It is the fourth most popular brand of dog food in the United States.

According to Purina, its quality control procedures for producing Beneful, which means “full of goodness,” are among the toughest in the pet food industry and include a sophisticated tracking system for raw ingredients that starts from the time food sources arrived at plant through processing and onto retail stores. Ingredient suppliers are expected to meet Purina’s ultra high standards for specifications, product safety, manufacturing and sanitation, so that high quality end products are the result. The manufacture of canine foods are also subject to FDA and USDA regulations, along with federal and state laws.

All ingredients are also subject to a stringent quality assurance program as specialists test every load of grain for the presence of aflatoxins and other harmful substances, arriving at manufacturing facilities to make sure that only high-quality products are present in Beneful. The company also carefully balances ingredients in each formulation to provide the maximum amount of nutrition possible.

Beneful produces eight different types of dry dog food formulations with the names Healthy Smile, Healthy Fiesta, Healthy Growth for Puppies, Healthy Radiance, IncrediBites, Original and Playful Life. Each formulation has specific ingredients tailored to a health goal. Healthy Radiance, for example, contains Omega fatty acids to support supple skin and a glossy coat, while Healthy Smile contains crunchy kibble to help clean teeth.

Wet dog food is available in two different containers: traditional cans that provide smaller portions and larger resealable tubs. Blends that mimic the look of human meals include a variety of meats such as beef, chicken, lamb and salmon and feature grains and vegetables such as peas, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, barley and brown rice. Beneful manufactures two different types of dog treats. Healthy Smile Twists and Healthy Smile Ridges help reduce plaque and tartar build-up while providing extra calcium. Five different types of Baked Delights that feature soft, flavorful centers, are also available.

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BRL Trust Investments began trust services in 2005. They help provide the services for private loans. With only twelve months in business, they already had over one hundred accounts that they acted as trust over. People know and trust the integrity of this company, and have since the beginning. With time and more clients, their investments expanded and their demands diversified to satisfy their clients.


Opening new areas of business was a learning curve, but one that was met with great anticipation. They added quite a bit of areas of expertise to their business savvy as they began dabbling in Investment funds, Mergers and Acquisitions and in the Capital Markets. This team of experience professionals is one of the largest independent administrators in the Country of Brazil to date. Their Anbima ranking is stellar. Not only is their offerings exactly what clients want, but this company is set up to ensure customer satisfaction.


Customers feel safe with their investment funds in their control, and having BRL Trust handle their business needs. They use efficient means, and they’re very transparent with their business practices, something that cannot be said of many these days. One way that they supersede their competitors is with their experienced team of investors. They use processes that are diverse in an attempt to have amazing control over their accounts. Because everything is internally developed, they have an advantage to the competition market.


A company with values is a great find these days. They maintain high ethical integrity and show respect for the legal system. They insure the interest of their clients above all else. Having both determination and discipline, coupled with their technological knowledge, they are the perfect investment choice for clients who need help in these areas. They work to develop both an internal and an external relationship, and they base this upon their trust and integrity. Being transparent is something that is so valuable when dealing with one’s money. People need to have respect and appreciate candor from their investors, something that BRL Trust delivers.


Because most businesses are only as good as their director, having 15 years of experience in financial markets makes this company lead by the best. With a diversified portfolio of expertise that includes financial marketing and working for large companies like Price Waterhouse Coopers, bringing this knowledge to the table is a great way to encourage new customers to feel secure. Having many financial consulting projects under his belt, he brings nearly two decades worth of valuable hands-on-knowledge to BRL Trust.


Customers will have financial dealings with BRL Trust will find that they can handle a wide variety of financial transactions. They handle the following with ease:


– Guardianship and Settlement of Assets

– Settlement of assets with banks and clearinghouses

– Regulator of trade proceedings- such as disbursements, interest, etc.

– Control of processes reimbursement.

– Regulator of securities loaning processes.

– Money disbursement


They also help with:


– Segment control and cost-effectiveness

– Tax control and disbursements

– Bookkeeping of actions in asset reserves

– Reportage to controlling agencies

– Controller of stockholders, reserves and recoveries

– Regulation of reports and data


BRL Trust is an honest company that is trustworthy and dependable. They have helped thousands of clients with their financial investment needs. With integrity and transparency, they are quickly becoming one of the forerunners in the industry.


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Vijay Eswaran was born on October 7, 1960, in Penang, Malaysia. He is the founder and CEO of the Qnet corporation, the executive chairman of the QI group of companies and a prominent figure in the realm of foreign philanthropic endeavors. According to the February 2013 edition of Forbes Asia, he was acknowledged as being number 25 in the top 50 richest men in the region. While in New York, Vijay received the 2012 New Global Indian award acknowledging his outstanding success in philanthropy and business excellence. Vijay Eswaran’s path of economic success is the product of many years of hard work and struggle, transforming his humble beginnings into a solid business empire.

Early Economic Training

In 1984, Vijay Eswaran completed his first degree in the field of socio-economics, graduating from the London School of Economics. After finishing school, he stayed in Europe for the next year to embark in a number of low paying jobs. Unafraid to roll up his sleeves and engage in a hard day’s work, Vijay put in his time working with his hands in construction in Belgium. He also spent time working as a grape picker in the vineyards of France. While in London, he took to the streets as a cab driver to earn additional money. Eventually, Vijay was introduced to the concept of binary system marketing. These insights into the world of business put Vijay on the path to become qualified by CIMA in the UK. Later, Vijay attended Southern Illinois University. In 1986, he graduated from SIU with an MBA.

While living in the United States, Vijay worked with Synaptics. Synaptics operates in the computer and electronics industry, constructing viable human interface solutions for companies that sell electronic products. He also involved himself in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) on his off time. After his time spent in the United States, Vijay returned to Malaysia, where he was asked to be involved in the Cosway group’s endeavor to start a business in the Philippines. It was at this juncture in his career that Vijay started thinking more intently about the advantages and potential of MLM business strategies.

The Path To Greater success

By 1998, Vijay was on his way to taking his ideas in MLM-based business structuring to the next level. At this time, Vijay Eswaran co-founded the QI group, a conglomerate of companies that offer a wide variety of eCommerse products across numerous industry niches. Today, the QI group operates in over ten countries, expanding its reach through a growing base of subsidiaries. Among his other accomplishments and lifetime achievements, Vijay Eswaran is a published author and has formed the Vijayaratnam and RYTHM Foundations. These foundations serve to promote social mentorship programs, and they are also instrumental in providing donations to other individuals and cheritable entities.

Also, you can catch Vijay on Twitter, if you want to see his day to day thoughts on business, entrepreneurism, and just what’s going on in his day to day life.

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Dr. Mark Ahn sat down with PR Newswire to discuss how biotech startups can succeed. His talk concerns how biotech startups will be able to remain profitable and successful in the current business climate. When Dr. Ahn discusses these items, he shows that he has done the research necessary to make a startup successful.

Biotech startups are designed to bring products to the market at a slower pace than other businesses. You might not realize how slow the product cycle is, but you could wait for years to get products in the market where they can be sold. Dr. Ahn suggests that startups are willing to use funding from multiple sources so that they can survive until the products get to market. Also, he suggests that these companies have many projects going at once. The profits from one project can help to sustain another until the company is more financially stable.

Following the steps listed by Dr. Ahn is something that can help any new startup in the biotech world. He knows how to make these startups work, and he knows that you can make your company successful if you are willing to be patient with your business plan.

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If you are paying close attention to the different professional moves that Andrew Heiberger makes, you are not alone. For several decades, Heiberger has been working hard to make a name for himself in the real estate industry in Manhattan, and he has been very successful in his efforts. His past successes have included founding Buttonwood Development and working as CEO for Citi Habitats. More recently, he founded the luxury real estate firm, TOWN Residential. This company, as with his other professional efforts, has been very successful. If you are monitoring his moves to learn from his efforts, you may be wondering what plans Heiberger has for the future.

Why Heiberger Has Made Professional Moves in the Past
As a leading real estate professional in Manhattan with experience with investing, development, rentals and sales, many pay attention to the professional moves Heiberger makes. His past career moves have seemingly been carefully planned and timed. For example, before he founded TOWN Residential, he carefully reviewed the market, lined up investment capital, interviewed industry professionals for their feedback and knowledgeable outlooks and more. In the past, he has made professional moves to adjust to market conditions and to take advantage of new challenges that may be stimulating and lucrative alike.

A Look Forward
When interviewed just a year after TOWN Residential was founded, Heiberger was asked what his plans were for the next year and if he had plans to work on future development projects. He was also asked if his company would be focused only on sales or on both sales and rentals. Through Heiberger’s responses to these inquiries, it is clear that he is aptly focused on making TOWN Residential a success and on serving his clients well. He intends to offer both sales and rental services to meet his clients’ needs, and he plans to continue to work hard with a focus solely on TOWN Residential for at least the next year.

While there are thousands of real estate agents serving Manhattan alone and even more serving the New York City metropolitan area, few have reached the levels of professional success as Heiberger has. Because of this, many will pay close attention to his past efforts and to his plans for the future. For the time being, Heiberger appears to be content focusing on TOWN Residential and has no plans to deviate from that path.

He also talks about his future at times on Twitter too.  Discussing the real estate industry, and what it takes to run development, vs rental property.

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