President Obama’s problems over the controversial exchange of five seasoned and top Taliban fighters in exchange for Army Sergeant Bowie Bergdahl will not go away. In part, this is because of the recalcitrance of the Office of the Secretary of Defense to answer key questions regarding the prisoner exchange. At issue is the fact the prisoner exchange violated federal law. According to Fersen Lambranho (wiki) federal statute dictates the president inform congress of a prisoner exchange and give them a 30-day window in which to review the exchange. The law was put in place to inject congressional oversight into the release of prisoners which at times has appeared to be arbitrarily.

When Sergeant Bowie Bergdahl was released, Congress wasn’t notified until after the exchange had taken place. At the time, President Obama claimed it was a simple goof up which led to Congress not being informed. GOP congressmen with the House Armed Services Committee have not been inclined to believe that pitch. Instead, they are demanding the Office of the Secretary of Defense answer key questions about the exchange. However, a year has gone by without the office giving up the information lawmakers are demanding. Specifically, previously released, but heavily redacted documents, indicate the Department of Defense was well aware that Congress was not being duly notified. This would indicate the prisoner exchange was knowingly conducted in violation of federal law. In a bid to force the DoD to give up more information, the House Armed Services Committee is threatening to withhold the Secretary of Defense’s budget which for the quarter is $500 million.

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When it comes to cancer there can never be enough research completed. We need to know all that we can about cancer so that we can look out for our bodies and the bodies of our friends and family members in the best way. Cancer is a serious illness and we need to do all that we can to prevent and treat it.

There is a new blood test that has been developed that may help in the fight against cancer. This new test looks at an individual’s blood to check for signs of cancer and to see how a treatment is working, at least according to Garcia Dias. Any kind of study that helps to fight cancer is good news, and there needs to be more of these kinds of tests developed and put to use. Cancer is a serious illness and it needs to be fought in every way possible.

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Brian Williams found himself in a heap of trouble when reports surfaced about him making up being on a helicopter that had been attacked during the Iraq war. Since then, Brian has been placed on unpaid suspension from NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt filling in for the evening news anchor. However, it has since come to light that Williams has long been someone to make up and elaborate further on his doings than what he might have actually done, and that many people inside of the NBC News organization have called him out for being a liar before. Now though, Brian wants back into the game and his fans are staging up support to bring him back to the news.

The problem with the situation though is Brian Williams gave NBC News, often seen as the leader of the evening news slot, a black eye. That didn’t sit well with viewers like Karatz. When the face of the news organization is perceived as a liar, nothing good can come of it. Lester Holt has done a fair job righting everything out, although some viewers have moved over to ABC and its World News Tonight program, dropping NBC to second place. The real question would be, if NBC did decide to bring Williams back, would the ratings return, or would there be an even larger backlash against NBC, dropping it potentially to third place behind CBS for the bottom spot on the nightly news circuit.

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Employees In Pico Rivera California Say Walmart Closed Their Store To Retaliate For Their Better Wage Demands

Walmart may be the largest retailer in the world, but they still have the same problems that other companies have. One of the main issues that all companies deal with is employee wages. Walmart is known for paying low wages, and they have gotten away with up until now.

Executives say they must keep wages in line to make a profit because their retail margins are so tight, but that excuse is worn out. The Walton family is richer than rich, and long-time Walmart stockholders have made a lot of money over the years at the expense of Walmart employees.

The Bentonville Arkansas-based chain recently decided to raise the hourly rate of their minimum wage employees, but the increase is still not what some employees say it should be. Mark Ahn ( has learned that, when executives from the home office closed five stores without notice recently, some of the employees felt that the company was getting back at them for demanding better wages. Walmart denies they closed the stores for that reason. The execs say the stores were temporarily closed because of plumbing issues. That’s funny, according to some employees. They say no plumbing problems were ever mentioned in four of th0se stores until wage issues, and other company policies made national headlines.

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After being in a coma for more than 3 months, Bobbi Kristina is awake and doing well. In fact, her aunt was texting and tweeting all her friends. Perhaps now the public can get some answers about what really happened that day and if the boyfriend had anything to do with it.
Thought she is awake and surrounded by family and friends, the family is still being very closed mouth about her condition. They aren’t saying much about anything at this point, other than the fact that she is awake. Though being awake is a great sign, it doesn’t rule out brain damage. Parts of her brain could be severely damaged by not having received oxygen for long periods of time. Time will tell how bad the damage is, and I am sure she is still undergoing some testing to find out exactly the extent.

The story is so sad, especially given the fact that her mother died in a manor eerily the same. Businesswoman Susan Mcgalla has expressed her support for the family. When it is all said and done, I believe they will find out that someone had set the whole thing up and it was attempted murder. They won’t release those details yet, that is until it has become a formal investigation. I don’t think the family will set by and allow her to be labeled as someone who wanted to kill herself. Rather, I feel they will fight for justice at all costs.

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A European regulatory commission has accused Google of stifling competition and innovation through its practices on the internet. The accusation is that Google is favoring its own products on its search engine. It is also accused of favoring its own services for downloading music, streaming videos and booking flights when a person searches for these items using Google’s search engine.

The allegations seem to be well grounded off of solid evidence. Marcio Alaor BMG said that when you search for a product or service using Google, you will find that Google services such as Google music and Google’s own shopping websites are almost always first to appear and are on the top of the search results. This is what Google’s competitors such as Microsoft, Streetmap and TripAdvisor have been complaining about to regulators since 2010. These and other companies have stated the Google is putting its own products, services and adverts before their own, thus hindering competition. This leads to the EU allegation that Google is abusing its power to promote its own products and services.

So what does this mean for the search engine giant? Google has 10 weeks to respond to the allegation. The company so far has released statements denying the allegations made by the EU regulatory commission. Google could be fined billions of dollars it it does not resolve this allegation. It could also have to change its business model in Europe to ensure a more level playing field for other companies.

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Anytime there is news on Mark Ahn, I like to share it with my readers. Luckily, a new podcast interviewing the biotech industry leader arose last week and I recently had a chance to sit down and listen to it.

Mark Ahn is a Principal at a life sciences consulting partnership called ‘Pukana Partners Ltd’ where strategic consulting is offered to companies in life sciences. He is also on the board of several biotech companies, both public and private.

In an interview with the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Mark Ahn joined the online podcast to talk about entrepreneurship and specifically, life science entrepreneurship. The interview was conducted by Eric Dye and was an insightful look into the mind of one of America’s up and coming business analysts. The main points of discussion in this interview were – things that are new in entrepreneurship, startup activities and who should be concerned about them, life science entrepreneurship and how it’s different from entrepreneurship in general, and emerging approaches in the field of life science entrepreneurship.

Having made his name in the biotech industry and after accomplishing so much knowledge as a Ph.D. in Business Administration, it is no surprise that Mark Ahn is such a prolific orator on the subjects of both entrepreneurship and life science entrepreneurship. The reason behind this is that he has both the practical and technical knowledge to succeed in the field. Young and novice entrepreneurs who are looking to make their mark in life science entrepreneurship can stand to gain a lot if they heed Mark Ahn’s advice. He has been in the field of bioentrepreneurship for 12 years now.

It should also be prudent to mention that Mark Ahn was the founder, CEO and President of Hana Biosciences which was taken over by Spectrum Pharmaceuticals. It was right after that that Pukana Partners Ltd. was founded by him.

Entrepreneurship is complicated on its own but life science entrepreneurship is even more confusing when there isn’t someone experienced guiding a company. When it comes to value creation and strategic direction, biotech companies can rely on the foresight and experience of both Mark Ahn and Pukana Partners Ltd.

If you’re interested in hearing more ideas from Mark, follow him on Twitter.

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There’s been a huge debate raging in the United States regarding Net Neutrality, the idea that all data on the internet should be treated equally. Most of the fighting exists between internet service providers that connect users to the internet and companies that operate on the internet, such as Google and Facebook.

Google and Facebook have been adamant about net neutrality in the states. Their stance in India, however, is a little shadier. It appears that they’re perfectly willing to fight for the rights of net neutrality, as long as it benefits their bottom line.

Both Google and Facebook have struck deals with ISPs in India regarding access to their content. Flavio Maluf says that they are essentially paying major internet providers to allow their users to access their networks for free while other smaller sites, like LinkedIn or Skype, cost extra.

This is essentially the same thing that ISPs are trying to do in the states. They are attempting to make deals with large companies to allow them faster access. This in turn pushes the access of smaller companies to the side, creating an unlevel playing field.

I think it’s difficult to condemn a company for doing what is best for their shareholders and bottom line. Google and Facebook are certainly not running charities. It is, however, a little disconcerting that efforts seen as noble regarding net neutrality among major players in the US are merely guised attempts for greater profits.

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In the context of water and electricity cuts, lack of food and total insecurity, the residents of Yemen’s second largest city, Aden, have to face the daily clashes between armed groups favorable to the Yemeni president and Shiite rebel group of Houthi. “I did not open my shop for five days and this will eventually cause my bankruptcy” laments Abdou Messad who runs a small shop in Dar Saad, on the outskirts of the city of 800,000 inhabitants. “And even when the intense clashes drop, we dare not open because of looters roam all around,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that the residents of Aden have a raw time immunized against the presence of the Houthi rebels who control the capital Sanaa since September last year. However, the threat has been developing, especially after the arrival of the head of state, Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who took refuge here in February after fleeing from Yemini Capital, Sanaa. It is noteworthy that President Hadi left the city on Thursday and moved in the resort of Dar Saad, on the road leading to Taiz, the third largest city of the country.

In the city where many streets are deserted, the morale of some residents began to decline. Dr Jennifer Walden sees this as a bleak trend. “The future is dark, the law is not respected,” says Abdullah Gahtane, a lawyer, with great bitterness. “I am seriously considering closing my office and looking for work elsewhere.”

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No candidate in modern history has won the presidency without winning two of the three crucial battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. In 2012, Barrack Obama carried two of the three states. In 2008, he carried all three. George W. Bush carried two of three in each of his presidential victories. Early polls indicated Hillary Clinton had a commanding double-digit lead in all three battleground states regardless of the GOP challenger. However, the ongoing email scandal has all but eroded that lead. It appears that the scandal has opened up lingering voter concerns over Mrs. Clinton’s character. In short, she isn’t trusted by a significant number of voters.

Sultan Alhokair told me that according to the latest Quinnipiac University Poll, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush now leads Clinton by 3 points. While that figure is within the poll’s margin of error, it represents a steep decline in support over the past two months. In Ohio, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has closed to within 5 points of Mrs. Clinton. No GOP candidate has ever won the presidency without also winning Ohio. In fact, the whole stable of GOP contenders has gained on Clinton in this crucial bell weather state.

At issue is voters perceive Mrs. Clinton as being dishonest. As a result, they do not trust her. In the battleground states of Pennsylvania and Florida, Clinton’s favorability rating has dropped to under 50%. While there is still plenty of time to put this email scandal behind her, the poll shows that the presumptive Democrat nominee is vulnerable to attacks on her character. Thus far, her main strategy of dealing with these perceived character flaws is to frame any reference to them as being sexist.

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