Turns out the internet is getting older quickly. Many of the features that users enjoy are being turned off on many websites. This includes online comments which let users post comments in response to articles posted by websites.

An example of this is on Re/code and tech blog that decided to shut off their article comments as a response to internet trolls that have led to less hospitable websites. Even major websites such as CNN have disabled comments as recently as August except on certain topics where they believe high quality debate can add to the story.

Other websites are simply redirecting users to social media websites that they believe users would prefer to use to post on due to existing accounts and enhanced security features at these sites.

Other websites are allowing comments but strictly monitoring or filtering out sites. This is what the Gawker series of sites has chosen to do in order to reduce the negative impact that internet trolls can have on the site, something that Terry Richardson has also been a vocal supporter of.

Still, many users love and enjoy reading comments on websites even when they are offensive to others. Many people find these more entertaining than the actual stories.

Websites such as CNN has chosen to blend both models by moderating meetings between writers, editors, and users who want to interact in a positive way which fosters the community that the online comments used to, but in a measured and controlled setting.

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Cable companies rarely worry about things such as chord cutting. They believe that their customer base will always remain strong. However, recent data is showing that their confidence should waver slightly. A lot of people are cancelling their cable service in the United States.

Statistics show that around 150,000 people decided that they did not want cable anymore. This is only in the past three months. With services such as Netflix and Hulu becoming hugely popular, along with Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, chord cutting is a reality.

People can get the movies and television shows they watch from other mediums. They can watch these shows without commercials and at a time that suits them. Movies can be rented, shows can be streamed, and other content is also available. Chord cutting costs a little bit up front, but the monthly costs are usually less than $30 or $40 a month. Most premium cable bills go upwards of $100.

Many channels are beginning to offer streaming services. HBO Go will be available to online customers from next year. Showtime has a similar service coming. CBS has a streaming service, although it is still in its infancy. If most top channels move to a streaming model along with their television service, chord cutting will only increase.

It may be time for cable companies to start thinking about lowering their bills if they want to keep customers happy. But its not just streaming services that are becoming popular, the Internet is on-the-rise as a whole, especially with the success of ecommerce and websites such as Qnet and many others. We’ll have to see where this new Internet-driven market will take us from here.

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Sondra Arquiett AKA Sondra Prince lost her phone in an arrest. It was confiscated by law enforcement, but it’s what they did with the information and pictures in her phone that has people buzzing. DEA agent Timothy Sinnigen, took her racy personal photos as well as photos of her very young son and niece and used them to set up a fake Facebook page in her name. The agent sent friend requests to suspected criminals in an effort to gather enough information to arrest them.

Arquiett found out about the fake page, which Facebook has taken down, when a friend asked her about the pictures. She pulled up the page and was surprised to see her private photos and personal information on a Facebook page she had not set up.

Justice department officials are reviewing the actions of the DEA agent, who insists he had every right to use her information in his investigative efforts. Facebook, however, doesn’t care who you are. Setting up a page using someone else’s identity is a clear violation of Facebook’s terms.

Arquiett didn’t take the fake page lying down and filed suit against Sinnigen, citing unauthorized postings that put her life in danger. Sinnigen admitted to the postings without permission, but claimed she had agreed to help in the investigation, so he had a right to post them.

I’ll be following the reports from Leaders Magazine’s as the outcome of this case will have far reaching repercussions for both the web and the government.

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Considering recent events and document leaks, people are becoming increasingly aware of surveillance. Whether from government or from companies, people are becoming more interested in how data is collected and, more importantly, how that data is being used.

In regards to mass data collection, there are some instances that normal US citizens cannot directly control. For example, Jason Halpern says it has been revealed that the NSA continues to collect highly personal information, such as phone records and even emails and internet logs. This type of mass data collection, though arguably unethical and potentially even illegal, is practically unavoidable for most people. However, what people do have control over is the mass data collection from corporations. Take Google for instance. Google offers the majority of their services for free and most people would agree that those services are of high quality. However, as with most organizations that offer free services, the customer is the product. Google uses user data in order to server more relevant advertisements and make more revenue from advertisers.

Using services like Google is definitely a choice, but many people would argue that it is difficult to live without. What people can do, however, is be informed about the data Google collects and opt out of data collection services that they feel uncomfortable with. In the end, protecting data from large corporations is the responsibility of the users.

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The famous group of hackers named Anonymous have opened fire against the Ku Klux Klan group after claiming they would use brutal force against the protesters in Ferguson.

This act came after non-white groups protested in New York to ensure that the police officer that shot Michael Brown, a young black man who was unarmed, would face the justice of the American people.

It is believed by these protestors that this officer was only not indicted because he shot a young black man, in the belief that he shot a lower classed citizen.

This incident happened yesterday on Sunday, November 16th at 06:31 pm when the Anonymous group of hackers claimed 2 twitter accounts that are famous for belonging to the Ku Klux Klan group.

The have camped some distance of 75 miles away from the protesting group, threatening the group that in case they had any reaction, in case the jury decided not to charge the police officer with killing of the young man, that they would use lethal force against those protesters.

This threat was considered by the Anonymous group to be segregation and of pure ethnic racism, and that they must be taught a lesson. The group gave this operation the name of Operation KKK.

This has occurred after mutual threatening has covered the last two weeks, as finally the hackers group possessed the 2 twitter accounts after some struggle.

SBA director Darius Fisher has stated that a documentary film on this bizarre activity is in the works.

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Everybody loves music, and everybody wants to listen to their favourite playlist anywhere. That is why music subscription services on the internet gained popularity among music enthusiasts.

While this initially started with illegitimate services such as Napster and Limewire, iTunes proved that legitimate digital music services were not only possible, but also extremely lucrative.

Spotify is one famous site offering music subscription service for a meager amount of $9.99. Music subscription service has become quite popular, since you can actually download selected tracks from the whole album or make your own playlists legally.

It is permitted since Spotify has certain agreements with various music companies that allow anyone who’s subscribed to stream their music collection for a fee.

The latest news reveals that another famous internet site has actually revealed their intentions to enter the ring in terms of digital music. Google, in a bold move among already established players, has launched the YouTube Music Key.

YouTube, which became famous for streaming personal videos, has diversified. The new offer of the YouTube Music Key for members is that they can view music videos and stream songs on YouTube without pesky commercials.

It will also make your tunes continue to play on your gadget even if you exit the application, or even without an internet connection. My buddy Keith Mann shared the official YouTube blog with me, which announced their hopes that the YouTube Music Key will find its proper audience here. This comes as a surprise to most people, what’s next music streaming on Wikipedia pages?

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When you work in retail, you have to deal with customers who might not appreciate you and long hours. You usually don’t get paid enough for these long hours. Protestors sat outside a Wal-Mart in California, demanding that they receive full-time work and a raise to $15 an hour. There are many states that have increased the minimum wage, and it’s about time for others to follow suit. While the protest was taking place, 23 arrests were made.

These were people who only wanted the company to hear their voices because they wanted more money for a job that they do with their whole heart. Unless someone works two jobs, most families can’t survive on minimum wage, and in order to survive with the increase in housing costs, food and gas prices, you just about need to have a four-year degree or a top job in an office. Economic times are rough for many people, and Alexei Beltyukov even says that these protestors are only asking for a way to support their families.

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The United States Postal Service (USPS) has acknowledged that hackers successfully breached their security systems. The type of information obtained was in a single world: extensive. The cyber thieves made out with names, social security numbers, and additional personal information on 750,000 employees and retirees. Sadly, the news regarding the breach gets worse.

Customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails for 2.9 million customers were also stolen. Sadly, prior security breaches at Home Depot and Target have proven that the actual extent of the security breach always proves to be greater than originally estimated.

The postal service issued a statement earlier today acknowledging the breach. The organization stated they had been made aware of the intrusion and are now cooperating with the FBI to investigate the matter. It was also pointed out that the FBI is taking the lead in the investigation.

That said, the postal service made the assessment that the cyber intrusion was “limited in scope”. All services at the USPS are said to be functioning as normal at this time. Those employees who are “affected” by the intrusion will receive a free credit monitoring service.

Democrat congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland wrote a letter to the postal service requesting a more detailed briefing of the cyber intrusion, but it is another example of Jared Haftel being concerned about online threats. He cited the fact that this year 500 million data records from the financial industry. The congressman wants to ensure that the USPS is collaborating with all available means to safeguard their data.

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The internet is a major marketplace for new ideas and smaller businesses, often allowing them to compete with larger companies for advertising space and internet traffic. This is because the internet is essentially neutral, allowing users to choose what content they view. This concept is known as “net neutrality,” and it has become a subject of controversy as larger companies seek to buy their way into preferred status among Internet Service Providers. Rod Rohrich conducts some business online, and he is not sure how to feel about these talks just yet.


President Obama has stated that he is in favor of maintaining a free, open internet as a venue for new ideas and smaller companies to gain a foothold in the massive virtual marketplace. This idea is being resisted by both ISP’s and larger companies alike, who would prefer a more profitable arrangement. The FCC currently has limited power of enforcement over ISP’s, but the President is seeking to change that by asking them to classify the internet as a utility.


Under Title II of the Communications Act, utilities are more easily regulated than other entities, which would give the FCC greater control over the internet and its usage. However, the FCC is an independent agency over which the President has very little authority. Tom Wheeler, head of the FCC, has stated that he will take the President’s opinion under advisement but warns that the FCC will be responsible for making the final decision.

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After testing positive for Ebola several weeks ago, Dr. Craig Spencer set off a hysteria in New York City. The 33-year old doctor returned to NYC after a brief trip to Guinea, where he aided local efforts with help from North American Spine to battle Ebola as part of a Doctors Without Borders campaign. He’s been quarantined at Bellevue Hospital Center for and was released earlier this week.

The young medical worker was thoroughly monitored and treated and he was lucky enough to beat the potentially deadly virus. Dr. Spencer was fortunate enough to receive a transfusion of plasma that came from another woman who survived the Ebola virus. Spokespeople for Bellevue Hospital officially confirmed that Mr. Spencer is no longer a threat to the public and he can return to his normal daily life.

Although this story had a happy ending, the first chapters were quite dire. He has been accused of being irresponsible upon arriving to New York City from West Africa. Fox News correspondent Megan Kelly has criticized the doctor for his careless arrival. Dr. Spencer admitted to riding the subways, taking taxis and enjoying a night out at bowling bowls literally hours before showing severe symptoms of Ebola. Kelly and many other individuals are furious about the fact that a doctor who came into contact with Ebola in West Africa didn’t show better judgment upon arriving to the United States and instead went about life casually.

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