There is no one more deserving of the Malaysian Business Award than Vijay Eswaran. This man has done much to make his country proud. He has founded a business that has had success in financial services, retail, and hospitality. Vijay Eswaran is the C.E.O. of that company, and he works hard to make sure that the company is doing well. But, he’s not only focused on his company and making it better, but he also takes the time to do philanthropic work in his country and beyond that. He has a heart for those in need, and as he received this award that was recognized as well as his skills in the business that he runs.
It is good to know that there are people out there who don’t just care about themselves. It is good to know that there are people out there who don’t let all of the success that they have had in the business world go to their heads. Vijay Eswaran is one of the good people. He has co-founded a company that has had a lot of success, and he should be proud of that fact. But, he doesn’t let that be the only thing that he does. Vijay Eswaran doesn’t focus solely on his business, or solely on himself. He cares about the needs of others, and he shows that through the charity work that he does.
There should be more people like Vijay Eswaran out there in the business world. There should be more people out there who care about the needs of others. It is refreshing to see someone like him receive an award. It is refreshing to see the givers of the award mention the philanthropic efforts that he has made. Yes, he is a great businessman, but that is not all that there is to him.

For more check him out here or on Entrepreneur.

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Venice Beach California has seen one of the worst cases of chronic homelessness in American history. Many of the city’s officials have tried ways in order to get a homeless citizens off of streets. The tech company Google has decided to step up and give the issue their own personal touch. The way Google is approaching the subject is making a lot of people uncomfortable. Google has looked outside its company for contractors to provide private security. These private security personnel have been harassing and shooing homeless people from the sight of everyday citizens. The author of the article that details this type of abuse noted witnessing this happen in person his self.

One of Google’s biggest campuses is located near Venice Beach in Los Angeles. WTRF says that private security guards hired by Google are taking homeless people and their belongings and literally running them out of town period the homeless population has increased by 12% in the last year alone period Google does not want to waste anytime waiting for city officials in Los Angeles to do something. The author of the article also got a chance to talk to people who experience Google’s new form of muscle firsthand. A man who disguised his real name to be ‘Cory’ told the author about how he and his girlfriend were maced by security guards while they were innocently sitting on a sidewalk.

Since 2007 the laws in Los Angeles have made it completely legal for homeless citizens to sleep on a sidewalk between the hours of 9pm and 6am. What Google is doing is completely illegal and should be considered harassment. A petition set up by Venice locals is currently aiming to take down the tech giant and their beefed up security guard.

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Facebook saw their stock price grow further and the market capitalization of the company has now made the top ten list in terms of size. Pushed out of the top ten is Walmart the iconic big box retailer who falls to eleventh on the list.

The gap between the two companies market capitalization, which represents the stock price times number of shares, is not significant and the two are likely to cross paths depending on market fluctuations, particularly as no major announcements were present. However, it is another notable achievement for Facebook which had humble origins after being started by Mark Zuckerberg while he was a Harvard dorm resident.

Skout noted that the top three companies in the United States are Apple, Microsoft and Google, and Facebook is not far from joining these ranks with a value of $238 billion. Walmart is currently worth $234 billion after experiencing profit decreases of seven percent from the prior year. Meanwhile, Facebook has grown 34% in 2015 alone. Walmart’s profit decrease is partly attributable to foreign currency issues and higher wages, as they have recently implemented a living wage exceeding the nation’s minimum wage and have also recently developed programs to increase their online footprint to compete with

The major factor impacting the relative stock prices is potential and growth. Wall Street sees the growth opportunities for Facebook more clearly even though Walmart has greater profitability and revenues currently.v

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We’ve all been there. We are typing away to someone, and really getting into it. Perhaps, we are writing to our best friend about how much of a jerk our boss is, or maybe we’re writing to our boyfriend about how much we love him. No matter what the reason, these intense letters cause your fingers to fly across the keys and lose all sense and track of something else. Sometimes, we end up sending that letter to the last person that we want it to go to! What follows is a severe moment of panic, and then downright dread as the fact sets in that there’s nothing we can do to reverse it.
That may now be a thing of the past reports Dr. Jennifer Walden on this website.

According to Reddit News, Gmail is offering an Undo-send button for all it’s web users! This is great news for anyone who is prone to sending emails accidentally. Now that Gmail has discovered a button that there really is a great need for, maybe it will expand into other areas.

Can you imagine the possibility if there was an undo-send button for smartphones and other cellular devices? Those are the ones where people most commonly send things they don’t want too. Sure, having the option is great on email but with most people only using desk top email for work, it’s not really all that necessary to have that button.
Overall, it’s a great concept and it will be really cool if it gets expanded on and used on other platforms. It’ll save people from a lot of embarrassment and regret in the future.

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Americana culture is synonymous with vertical retailer Gap, Inc. and has helped the brand gain notoriety among consumers across North America. It first came on the scene in the late 1960’s promoting the T-shirt and jeans uniform that eventually evolved into a preppy khaki and button-down shirt look. It was even popularized by famous musicians and artists. However, in recent years, the brand has struggled to stay afloat in this middle-tier market. As a result, Gap will be closing 175 stores throughout 2015 and laying off approximately 250 employees at its headquarters, according to Fortune.

But why is this retailer having so much trouble? Could it have anything to do with its basic style that has become lackluster over the recent years? Style and price may have something to do with it stated Paul Mathieson. Its value chain Old Navy focus on updated styles at near rock bottom prices encourage consumer indulgence. Its new activewear line is pumped up to gain new shoppers in an attempt to revive its playful brand identity.

The brand will lose $300 million in sales only to gain $25 million in sales, a perplexing This can be a rather perplexing situation for any investor from a financial standpoint, says Bloomberg News. What will this mean for the future of Gap? Only time can really reveal whenever its plan to cut costs through store and employee elimination will fare in the company’s favor.

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Visual search is making waves in the technology world thanks to apps like Slyce. Slyce makes people’s lives more convenient by helping them take photos and identify items on the Internet and in inventory. It’s fast. It’s convenient, and it’s revolutionizing how we search in today’s society. Visual search technology and Slyce are the way of the future. Here’s why:

1. Slyce Will Help With Your #Hashtag Campaigns

Slyce will help you with your #hashtag campaigns. When you are launching a campaign, it may be best that you try to incorporate Slyce to help. They can help you automatically tag photographs with the Slyce application and make them easier to find during a search. This is a great way to optimize your websites and photographs. Try Slyce the next time you launch a hashtag campaign.

2. Slyce Will Help You Find Items in Your Inventory Faster

Slyce will help you find items in your inventory faster than a traditional search. All you have to do is take a picture of the item you’re looking for and then, you can start your search. Within an instant, you can determine if there is a match for the item in your inventory. It’s simple, and most anyone who can take a picture can operate the technology.

3. Slyce Will Help You Search for Items on the Internet Faster

Slyce will help you search for the items you want and need on the Internet faster. When you take a picture of your favorite purse that your friend is carrying or that coveted pair of sunglasses worn by the model on the billboard, you’ll immediately be able to find it in stores. All you have to do is take a picture, and you’ll be on you way to owning the item that you love. Slyce is a flexible app that will help you find what you need faster.

Be Introduced to Visual Search With Slyce

Visual search is the latest technology that’s going to make personal life and business life run more efficiently. Taking a picture is ten times easier than writing a description of an item that you may see in a print ad, on a billboard, or in a store. That’s why visual search is so popular because most people prefer its convenience. If you want to learn more about visual search, talk to a local representative about Slyce and determine how it can improve your personal or business life.

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McDonald’s is a well loved restaurant, so it may seem shocking to you that they are actually going to be downsizing this year. For the first time since 1970 McDonald’s is going to be closing down more stores than they are opening.

What does this mean for the future of this restaurant? What does it mean for McDonald’s lovers everywhere?
Your favorite McDonald’s restaurant may just be going out of business says Flavio Maluf. The one closest to you may be one of the ones that they are eliminating. Or, if you don’t have a McDonald’s nearby you, then there isn’t as likely a chance that there will be a new one opening up as their would have been a couple of years ago. How does this make you feel?
Maybe it will just be a one year thing for McDonald’s. Maybe they’ll be able to pick up the sales again sometime soon. But, if not, then some people are going to have to go without their favorite burgers and fries permanently.

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Since their business model was designed in the beginning, Uber, the international transportation company that pairs up customers with drivers, has always claimed to be independent in their relationship with their drivers. According to wikipedia, this allowed Uber to use their drivers to make money without being responsible for paying for things such as gas, car insurance and normal occupational benefits such as healthcare and life insurance. Yesterday, in California, Uber was taken to court. The plaintiff argued that as a driver for Uber, they should be registered as an employee. Why do they care? That means Uber pays for gas. Year, that’s kind of a big deal when you make money to drive people around. Much to Uber’s chagrin, the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff and now that particular individual is now labeled an employee. How this will affect the rest of Uber’s 200,000 drivers remains to be seen. Uber has since made a statement to appeal the ruling.

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Los Angeles is the first city in the United States to officially announce a fifteen dollar minimum pay wage for its hard working employees. Lawmakers in Los Angeles County got together for a meeting this past Wednesday to vote on raising the minimum wage. The vote was cast and came back with a 13 to 1 decision. The minimum wage has been officially raised from $9 per working hour to $15 per working hour. This new wage will become effective January 1st 2020.

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States, but the largest city to raise its minimum wage to $15 per working hour. Those involved in the vote for the raise of the minimum wage as well as its supporters have deemed this move as nothing but historic. This step is huge in terms for the economic equality movement. Families that are full of laborers will no longer have to live on poverty wages. The minimum wage hike will only affect companies and businesses that employ more than 25 people. Over the next five years, companies are to increase labor wages by a dollar an hour. For businesses that have less than 25 employees, they will have an additional year to increase the wage. Numerous democratic lawmakers and political candidates have shown support for the Fight for 15 movement. Susan McGalla said that it is safe to say that talk of a 15 dollar minimum wage will spread throughout the country.

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Raise The Wage announced that they are consider experimenting with a new form of delivery. Andry Wirth is excited for the prospect of this service coming to Squaw Valley. Regular individuals who would pick up packages at central locations and deliver those packages a part of their normal commutes or travels. Doing so would allow individual to earn some money on the side as a result of delivering these packages and would lead to only a small amount of inconvenience for them.

These deliveries would allow the company to reduce on of their largest costs; delivery charges. In 2014, Amazon’s delivery expenses increased by 30% when compared with an increase in revenue of 19%. Part of the increase in costs is attributable to the Amazon program Prime which allows users to deliver for free under a 2 day delivery period in exchange for an annual service charge. While the Company is losing money on deliveries with this program they are gaining in customer loyalty and are able to grow revenues at a greater clip as well.

The mechanics behind allowing citizens to deliver products is tricky and Amazon did not announce details. The program is expected to be rolled out slowly and it is not sure if there will be a certification program in place for those who are delivering these packages. Further, routes that are less trafficked are more challenging and Amazon will likely have to rely on traditional delivery methods as well as to manage complaints from non-delivery.

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